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The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) defines “animal welfare” as the physical and mental state of an animal in relation to the conditions in which it lives and dies. The OIE guiding principles on animal welfare also mention the universally recognized “Five Freedoms”, published in 1965 to describe the right to welfare of animals under human control.

At Agro-Top Produits we engage in respecting animal welfare and assure that these “five freedoms” are respected throughout the breeding, feeding and slaughtering stages.

❖ freedom from hunger, malnutrition and thirst: we have chosen to work with a selection of breeders in Hungary and Bulgaria. Their breeding facilities respect the square meters living space needed per bird. In these facilities all the ducks have easy and constant access to fresh water and food.

❖ freedom from fear and distress: the feeding process which takes place in the last 2 weeks of life of the ducks is made in common spaces and never in individual cages. This reduces the possible causes of stress. It takes place only twice a day and has a duration of 2 seconds per bird.

❖ freedom from physical and thermal discomfort: the breeding facilities are ventilated, guaranteeing the appropriate temperature and humidity levels needed for the birds to grow in a comfortable environment.

❖ freedom from pain, injury and disease: thanks to prevention measures, regular veterinary checks and efficient disease treatment. At the beginning of the slaughtering process the ducks are being stunned by a very short and controlled electric circuit which induces instantaneous insensibility.

❖ freedom to express normal patterns of behavior: throughout the breeding and feeding the ducks are kept in constant contact with other ducks of their own species.