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About us

Founded in 1989, Agro-Top Produits is a company specialized in trading of products issued from fat palmiped such as:  foie gras, breast, ducks and geese thighs, etc.

Thanks to its diversification, Agro-Top Produits is probably the only company able to ensure a complete management of the production as well as the transformation process.
Its subsidaries companies Palmi-top KFT and Palmi-Trade KFT both own livestock farms and two slaughterhouses in Hungary.

Therefore, Agro-top is able to control the whole process of the hatchery, the breeding period and the force-feeding.
The Company’s Infrastructures enable it to reach a production of more than 20.000 ducks and 10.000 geese per week.

Our activity

Our Company invests itself tirelessly in order to provide its customers with the best service.

Agro-Top has a large number of refrigerated trucks, ensuring deliveries in France, Benelux, Germany, U.K and Spain from the first day of the week.

A wide selection of packaging and labeling is available. We provide different types of packaging and labeling.

The Belgian subsidiary of the Company – Delitiv SA – offers a variety of high-quality End Products (Finished product) such as verrines and terrines of Foie Gras, smoked duck breast, duck breast stuffed with Foie Gras, etc …